Does Christmas Spirit Have a Frequency?

By Heather Callaghan

Have you ever boycotted Christmas? Sick of the commercialism and other people's behavior? Did you find religion and pin pagan meanings to its origins?

A pastor who grew up in a large, traveling singing family had a sister who read The Two Babylons by Alexander Hyssop. He calls that "The Year of No Christmas." She had read about ancient pagan rituals associated with Christmas and decided the whole family would be committing sacrilege by practicing it. I can relate to this experience - watch out if you ever read that book!

There are many reasons people become disillusioned with holidays. Here are just two: looking at your bank balance of $-19.02 coupled with crushing pressure to buy gifts. But, are there any reasons to unabashedly and joyfully embrace its essence? Is Christmas Spirit its own entity entirely detached from both consumerism and religion?

The late Dr. David Hawkins' work Power vs Force is about the science and application of Kinesiology (muscle testing), truth and consciousness. He wrote about the ripple effect of every thought, belief, action and the effect on the body which always knows the truth. Power is greater than Force - thoughts, beliefs and actions resonate in either one.  Basically, healing comes from Truth and nothing is ever hidden.

Using his testing he developed a map of consciousness that shows different levels that people (but also animals, feelings, thoughts and concepts) resonate.  Anything that breaches the 200 mark is very powerful - the world looks and feels different there.

On applied Kinesiology - in the realm of spirituality - he mentions A Christmas Carol as an allegory for humanity:
Dickens' A Christmas Carol is the story of all our lives. We all are Scrooge. We are all Tiny Tim. All of us are both selfish and lame in some areas. We are all victims like Bob Cratchit, and we are all as indignantly moralistic as Mrs. Cratchit refusing to toast Scrooge. The Ghost of Christmas Past haunts all of our lives; the Spirit of Christmases to come beckons us all to make the choices that will enhance both our own existence and that of others. (If we calibrate the energy level of Christmas, by the way, it becomes obvious that power resides within the human heart itself.) [emphasis added]
Christmas, or the Spirit of Christmas calibrated at 535, in the realm of unconditional Love. Perhaps it is because people consciously put aside ill will and decide to give and bless during this one time of the year. According to one author, the combined powers of "The Spirit of Christmas, Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men is a seriously high frequency coming in at 675 on Dr. David R. hawkins’ Map of Consciousness." If that's true, that is an incredibly impressive display of the human spirit.

Hawkins also said:
Christmas is another kind of bonding, peace and goodwill towards all. ...a high spiritual state. Hold Christmas in your heart all year, is a Christ-like attitude.
Interestingly, unlike other Dickens' works which made obvious Christian allegories, The Christmas Carol really was about the Spirit of Christmas. Ebenezer Scrooge had a spiritual awakening, but there weren't any direct references to Biblical accounts. Dickens brought that spirit back during tumultuous times in Victorian England and may be responsible for some of the traditions some people hold dear today every December.

I think there is a margin of error or projection with the calibrations, so what I ask myself is how does this resonate? Or what type of attitude would I like to embody? How do these things resonate for you?

But, what it might mean is that - if you want to embrace love, peace, joy and fun despite surrounding circumstances - you certainly can! Why put yourself in binds? The results of these calibrations could merely demonstrate the power that people themselves place on beliefs. There are concepts/beliefs of The People that can either build or chisel the power of something like a spiritual belief. In other words, a group consciousness can hold another level as a whole than an individual can.

As a former Christmas naysayer who now cherishes Christmas for the little ones and elderly in the family, I say, what would be wrong with more Christmas Spirit throughout the year?

Image: The Gift of the Magi - Coronet Little Theater 1943

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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